Deluxe Sorting Hamper

Campus delivery available!

Campus delivery available!

Why You Need This

To maximize dirty laundry storage while separating the darks, lights and delicates, this super strength Pop N Fold Laundry Sorter is your partner in grime!  Between classes, the gym, socializing and going out, the dirty clothes will start to pile up fast.  Stay organized and top of the heap with this durable three-compartment sorter that knows how to handle dirty clothes.  It starts as a flat folded rectangle, but with a flick of the wrist, the sorter opens quickly to almost three feet of stay-inside laundry sentry.   The breathable mesh fabric is perfect for letting air through and avoiding that dirty clothes smell.  Plus the strong flexi-frame keeps clothes upright and out of the way. College laundry organized in a jif!  Breathable nylon mesh with strengthened seams Three large compartments for lights, darks and delicates or dry cleaning Flexi-frame pops open for use and folds flat for storage Includes heavyweight nylon straps 31.8"x13.5”x23.2” Imported