Black and Gray Athletic Stripe Showaflops

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Showaflops creates a comfortable fit to protect your feet. Perfect for college showers, gyms, steam rooms, dorms, pools, locker rooms… or anywhere that germs lurk! Unique drainage designs, antimicrobial layers and slip resistant soles protect feet against mold, fungus and bacteria on floors. Wear these for a low-key, stylish approach to staying sanitary on campus.  Clean and modern stripes with black strap and black soles.      Sizes -Medium 7-8 -Large 9-10 -X-Large 11-12 -XX-Large 13-14   Other Details   -Soft, ultra cushioned footbed for incomparable comfort -Antimicrobial protects against fungus, germs, and bacteria as well as inhibiting the buildup of odors on the flip flop -Deep grooved diamond shaped sole helps prevent slipping on wet and slick surfaces -Textured pebble surface limits wet feet from sliding -Unique drainage hole design -Imported.