Extra Cheesy

Gift options available!

Gift options available!

Why You Need This

There is no mistaking it, your student is the one who loves Cheesy movies, Cheesy jokes, and of course Cheesy snacks.  If your student can’t get enough cheese in their life, then this is the perfect study aid for them.     They get snacks, snacks and more snacks delivered right to their door during the all-important first week of school. You get peace of mind knowing even though you’re not physically with them, you can still put a smile on their face with an incredible selection of snacks so they can power through their days, nights and studies.   Personalize your greeting card: Create at 50-75 word message at checkout.    Product subject to change depending on availability.    Cheddar Cheese Combos Cheddar Chex Mix Crunchy Cheetos Nacho Cheese Doritos Kraft Easy Mac and Cheese Ritz Bits Ruffles Cheddar and Sour Cream Chips Smart Food Cheddar Popcorn