Pure Enrichment® PureGlow™ Crystal - Original 2-in-1 Himalayan Salt Lamp and Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser with Aromatherapy


Why You Need This

Set the perfect mood for relaxation at home with PureGlow™ Crystal from Pure Enrichment®. This one-of-a-kind lamp combines the therapeutic properties of a natural Himalayan pink salt rock lamp with the soothing aromatherapy of an essential oil diffuser. Packed with all the benefits you would expect from this powerful combo, PureGlow™ Crystal is designed to help boost your mood, increase energy levels, and neutralize the positively charged ions that emit from electronic devices like smartphones, televisions, radios, and more.    NATURAL LIGHTING: Each natural salt crystal is handcrafted and distinct, providing soft, warm lighting that is soothing and relaxing  MODERN DESIGN: Perfectly complements any room at home or the office  THE PERFECT GIFT: Whether it's for your friend, family, loved one or yourself, this thoughtfully designed unit makes an ideal gift for any occasion. WHAT’S IN THE BOX: 2-in-1 Himalayan salt rock lamp and essential oil diffuser, 3 10-watt halogen light bulbs, measuring cup, ETL-approved power adapter, user manual