Tri-Fold Vanity Makeup Mirror


Why You Need This

Softer and brighter lights, 24 bright, ecological and energy efficient LED lights that mimic the effects of natural sunlight. Our daylight LEDs are 2 times brighter and softer than similar models, and do not burn like traditional incandescent bulbs. The dimmable light function uses touch sensor technology to ensure that you always have the right amount of light, even in low light conditions. 2 increases and 3 increases. Two powerful magnification options in a vanity mirror ensure that every detail of your hair and makeup is in the perfect place. The large normal mirror is ideal for viewing your entire profile, while the 2x and 3x mirrors are suitable for detailed and close-up work. The triple panel folding mirror with triple design allows you to see yourself from multiple angles, So you will always have the perfect point of view. It can be easily folded for convenient storage and travel. The heavy base construction is strong and strong, ensuring a stable platform that stays in place. Maximum adjustment: full coverage of the angle through 180 degrees of frontal to rear inclination that optimal vision and allows you to check your hair and makeup from any position. Wireless and portable Our beautiful makeup mirror is perfect for use on tables, dressers and countertops, but it can also fit in your suitcase with its easily removable base, making it a perfect travel companion. It works with batteries. It has natural LED lights that last for a lifetime. Adjustable function Auto power off. 3 panels Premium Crystal 1 normal view 2 x 3 magnification. Cosmetic organizing base 11.5 x 13 inches wide.